About the ED Toolbox

The EDToolbox explains digital challenges and outlines new opportunities


This section illustrates how 20+ disruptive technologies are challenging 400 business categories across 19 Industry sectors (lawyers, canegrowers, chemists, estate agents, designers, travel agents, wholesalers, truck drivers etc), for better and for worse.

It includes a page on each industry sector (19) and a page for each business category (400), showing industry facts and figures, an explanation of disruptive technologies and their impacts, study choices, case studies and video presentations – enough information to understand the challenges thoroughly and help plan a way forwards.



This section presents a Public and Private library containing videos, podcasts, webcasts and other resources.

The Library contains curated information on Innovation, Sustainability, Future of Work and Jobs, Study and Employment. Plus additional content captured using an AI widget developed by the World Economic Forum.


How to use the Ed Toolbox

High Schools can use the toolbox:

  • To support careers advisors – study and work options
  • To illustrate STEM and STEAM opportunities to students
  • To explain the startup journey - entrepreneurship

Students and parents can use the toolbox:

  • To explore study and work options
  • To understand the changing world of work
  • To consider new opportunities

Businesses can use the toolbox:

  • To understand the challenges of digital disruption
  • To explore new market opportunities
  • To connect to new technology providers
  • To “future proof” the organisation

Individuals can use the toolbox:

  • To understand the new world of work
  • To plan new study and training options
  • To seek new pathways to employment
  • To consider the startup option

ED Toolbox development

New content is added regularly to the ED Toolbox Library, through a program of Themes that change every two months.

World Economic Forum (WEF) data 

The ED Toolbox now includes an embedded Strategic Intelligence  (AI) widget developed by the World Economic Forum. The widget captures and presents contact from the internet focused on programmable themes. The widget is being used in the Challenges section to capture content for each of the industry sectors, and in the Library for categories in Innovation, Future of Work and Sustainability.

Clicking on the widget will transport you to the Strategic Intelligence website and allow you to explore topics and monitor the issues and forces driving transformational change across economies, industries and systems. 

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