Coronavirus Survey Project - Australia

We are conducting a short survey of coronavirus impacts on small to medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations in Australia.

The survey is anonymous and takes 3-5 minutes to complete.

National Open Data survey

The survey is being promoted through multiple networks across Australia, including state government, the RDA network, Industry Growth Centres, industry associations, councils, corporates, not-for-profits and other social networks.

If you are a business owner, a manager of a business or not-for-profit, a sole trader, partner or contractor with an ABN we would like your response.

Data and results will be available on a Survey Response page in early April. As the number of responses grows over the weeks ahead, we will provide further Excel files for download and use.

All data collected will be available to every region, sector and state to use. This is an open data project. We have asked CSIRO Data61, QUT and Griffith Universities to act as data analysis and reporting partners in the project.

Regions, sectors and issues - with results available to all

The survey is anonymous and asks a range of questions - sector, location, business category, business size, business age, how many months existing cashflow can cover OpEx, business activity level pre virus and now, and expected level over next 9 months, staff numbers now, and expected staff layoffs/increases, fixed costs that can't be ignored, what is the biggest problem/s you face now? 

We want to ensure that we gather as much data as we can, from all regions, all industries and from all organisations, of whatever size.

We already have responses to the survey from all states and territories, and responses across all industries, but the more responses a region or sector generates will provide that region or sector with a better picture for themselves. Every survey response is important, for together they will create a “big picture” that will be useful for all.

Ready when the rebound comes

This is an open data project. Results will be presented as charts and tables to help respondents better understand and manage the impacts of coronavirus on different sectors and regions in Australia.

And results will help us better prepare for the rebound when it comes.


We thank you for your response.

Confidentiality Notice: This is an anonymous survey. Responses to this survey are considered confidential and therefore individual responses will not be released, shared, or published. The survey results will be reported/analyzed in aggregate data sets.
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